​​​Joseph James Films is a movie production and distribution company. Our latest movie is called The Freemason and stars Sean Astin (Lord Of The Rings, Goonies, Rudy), Joseph James, Richard Dutcher, Alex McKenna, and Randy Wayne. The movie was filmed inside a historical Masonic Temple and is subtitled in 35 languages. Hundreds of Masonic Temples around the world have hosted screenings. Please feel free to contact Joseph James who is a 32nd Degree Freemason in The Scottish Rite directly if you are interested in having a screening or want information. 

Masonic screening and fundraisers for charities around the world!

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Presents The Freemason

starring Sean Astin 

Rent our cyc green screen wall production studio in Lehi, Utah!

Available worldwide in 35 languages streaming and in 8 languages on DVD! 

Joseph James will send free posters and DVDs so you can raise money for your charity of choice. He also attends screenings sometimes. Email thefreemasonmovie@gmail.com for a press packet, DVDs and posters.

Joseph James Films  

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Our Green Screen Studio Location: 1530 N State St. Lehi, Utah

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